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Parking tax hike leaves drivers searching for cheaper options

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Daily, monthly, or a couple of times a year. If you park in one of Chicago's parking garages, you may soon be paying more. The city wants to tack on a 20 percent tax on top of what you're already paying. Some drivers say by the time they've paid the rent, childcare, their car payment, and monthly parking downtown, they're almost out of money. "Yeah, it's ridiculous," one driver says. "It makes it hard to work." Now, the city wants to hit drivers even harder with more taxes. If you're paying $25 a day or $600 a month, your weekday bill will go up 20 percent in taxes. A driver paying $35 a day to pull in and out for parking, will pay $7 instead of $5 in taxes. Drivers say that will take a bite out of the budget. ...
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ACTS Allows for Bus and Pedestrian Access to Logan Bus Depot

TACOMA, Wa. — TagMaster North America, Inc., the leading provider of RFID systems for AVI, was installed by Scheidt & Bachmann at the Logan International Airport Green Bus Depot...Learn More

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QuickPay Partners with CreditCall to Provide Secure, Frictionless, and Flexible Mobile Payments for the Parking Industry

New York - As a result of its recent partnership with CreditCall, QuickPay Corp. today announced the launch of a plug-and-play mobile payment option, where parking operators are finally able to have complete control of ...More

EasyPark Regional Solution Implemented in New Hampshire

Iselin, NJ - City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire is implementing the EasyPark™ electronic parking payment and information system in the City, joining its neighboring city Dover in creating the first regional program in the U.S. to use EasyPark. ...More

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